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Personal development is an important part of your career, your own development and your own life. You try to discover who you are and what your talents are so you can decide your own future.

To do this you sometimes need some coaching, the NLP Insitute helps with that. We have made a website design to help and reach more people.


The NLP Institute




Web Design

Best Educator of The Netherlands in 2018.

The NLP Institute is a recognised educational institution that offers high quality trainings and educations in the area of personal development and effective communication. To do this the power of NLP and psychology is used.

The NLP Institute offers multiple educations and trainings which teach you to make the right choices that can help you further in your future. During their sessions people sometimes find out that they need to go into a different direction or get to know themselves in a completely different way.

The NLP Institute started in 2015 but was already awarded with the Best Educational Institution of The Netherlands in the area of personal effectivity in the year 2018. A great token of appreciation.



NLP, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a collection of mental techniques that you use to solve problems from the past and also better reach your goals in the future.

A Website with Authority.

The NLP Institute has asked us to give their website an update. At this moment there is a website, but it doesn't look very attractive and it doesn't show what their brand is about. The website should show an active, young, playful but calm and intelligent educator.

To do this we have made a design based on a premium Wordpress theme that we selected for it. We then customised it to fit the branding and company style, which made it a unique website. The development is done by the client itself, so we make sure the template fits well to the design. Of course the branding is the most important.

Attractive Homepage.

The homepage is an important part of a website. Visitors often see this page first when they browse to a website, so it gives a first impression of a brand. It is very important that the website has the right appearance.

We have placed the most important information like a brochure call to action, information evenings, why NLP and the educations in the top. This way a lot of information is already visible without the need to scroll down. If a visitor scrolls also educations, more information and experiences become visible.

In the bottom we made sure visitors are able to sign up to a newsletter for more information and are able to navigate to other parts of the website without scrolling up again.



The NLP Institute has multiple trainings & educations which vary from NLP basis till NLP advanced. Next to that they provide free courses.

Clear Information.

An important part of the website are the educations. To make sure all information is clearly communicated, we use a lot of tables and headings. This makes it easily accessible and scan for the information a guest is looking for. For example it shows what the education includes. We used tables for the education details in the right sidebar and tabs to divide bigger content into categories.

Next to that there immediately is a call to action button available which allows guests to sign up for a location and time. These are displayed in a clear module with all the information they need. If the information isn’t clear, guests are able to contact the educator from every page.

Easy Registration.

To make it easy and accessible to register for an education or information evening, we have design a registration form.

This uses 3 steps that include easy to answer questions. At the top of the page visitors can see their progress and on the right a call to action is displayed for if a visitor needs personal advise.


Next to education information the institute also publishes articles. A blog is an ideal place for this. To display this into an accessible and attractive way we have used a masonry grid.


Every event has its own page where information is displayed.This page is designed in a similar way as the education page because they share the same type of information and goals.

Mobile Ready Website.

Make your website Mobile Ready. Make a great head start.

Ready for Mobile.

Because many people use smartphones we have designed the website in a way that it can easily be made available for mobile phones. By using responsive design a desktop website can be also be used on smartphones and tablets, without breaking the website or making it hard to read or navigate.

 Om dit te down hebben we de website in blokken verdeeld. Zoals al in de header op de home pagina zichtbaar is. Hieronder is een deel van de home pagina weergegeven zoals deze op tablet en mobiel zou worden weergegeven. De blokken stapelen zich op elkaar zodat de grootte van het scherm geen probleem meer is.

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