Support Logos for The NLP Institute.

Personal development is an important part of your career, your own development and your own life. You try to discover who you are and what your talents are so you can decide your own future.

To do this you sometimes need some coaching, the NLP Institute helps with that. Next to the main branding we have also designed support logo’s.


The NLP Institute





Best Educator of The Netherlands in 2018.

The NLP Institute is a recognised educational institution that offers high quality trainings and educations in the area of personal development and effective communication. To do this the power of NLP and psychology is used.

The NLP Institute offers multiple educations and trainings which teach you to make the right choices that can help you further in your future. During their sessions people sometimes find out that they need to go into a different direction or get to know themselves in a completely different way.

The NLP Institute started in 2015 but was already awarded with the Best Educational Institution of The Netherlands in the area of personal effectivity in the year 2018. A great token of appreciation.



NLP, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a collection of mental techniques that you use to solve problems from the past and also better reach your goals in the future.

Leef Zonder Limits.

The NLP Institute asked us to renew their branding. We have done that. From there we also were asked to design support logos for multiple of their initiatives. In this case the initiative "Leef Zonder Limits". You learn to let go of everything that is holding you back in your environment or in other distractions. You learn to give yourself the freedom to develop yourself. Distractions are stopped and you can completely focus on your goals.

To display this we have used the freedom of a flying bird as a symbol of that freedom. Birds can fly wherever and wherever they want. This is the ultimate freedom feeling. The circles surrounding it come from the branding of The NLP Institute and show the choices and distractions you let go off.

The blue colour is chosen to display calm and intelligence. By following the Leef Zonder Limits steps you rediscover the peace and make better choices.

Two girls raising hands up



The NLP Institute offers multiple trainings & educations which vary from NLP basics to NLP advanced. Next to that they also offer free courses.

The Happiness Game.

This is the logo for The Happiness Game. This is an initiative which allows you to go through selected steps in NLP that will help you further through a game.

This logo continues in the style that has been set in the branding of the main brand, The NLP Institute. We have used the colour pallet of the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner educations and changed the logo symbol to fit more to the games theme.

In this case the style of the main brand was easily combined with an icon. In this way the branding can keep the same appearance but form a new brand. In the case of The Happiness Game a gaming controller worked well.

People walking



The NLP Institute offers multiple trainings & educations which vary from NLP basics to NLP advanced. Next to that they also offer free courses.

Powered By and Globalisation.

The NLP Institute is an organisation which is currently growing in The Netherlands. NLP is growing with them. To make sure that The NLP Institute is also ready for the international market, we have made a small change to their logo.

The NLP Institute

Het NLP Instituut is the Dutch way of writing the name. To make sure the brand is also recognisable for internationals we have made an English version of the logo, The NLP Institute. With this we have only changed the brand name from Dutch to English.

Powered By

The NLP Institute is working with a lot of other initiatives. To make sure that they can easily, and in a good way, connect their brand name to these initiatives, we have also designed Powered By logos. These can be used in communications, publications, websites and under logo’s of initiatives to make the link with The NLP Institute.

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