Branding for The NLP Institute.

Personal development is an important part of your career, your own development and your own life. You try to discover who you are and what your talents are so you can decide your own future.

To do this you sometimes need some coaching, the NLP Insitute helps with that. We have developed the branding so they can help and reach more people.


The NLP Institute


2017 – 2018



Best Educator of The Netherlands in 2018.

The NLP Institute is a recognised educational institution that offers high quality trainings and educations in the area of personal development and effective communication. To do this the power of NLP and psychology is used.

The NLP Institute offers multiple educations and trainings which teach you to make the right choices that can help you further in your future. During their sessions people sometimes find out that they need to go into a different direction or get to know themselves in a completely different way.

The NLP Institute started in 2015 but was already awarded with the Best Educational Institution of The Netherlands in the area of personal effectivity in the year 2018. A great token of appreciation.



NLP, also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a collection of mental techniques that you use to solve problems from the past and also better reach your goals in the future.

A Brand for Growth and Success.

The NLP Institute has asked us to renew their branding to make the brand more active and trustworthy. The old branding was more focussed on NLP. They would like to communicate results, the successes in personal growth, more.

We have designed a moodboard that shows that we would like to create a style that is active but modern and strong. By using clean lines but also roundness we want to create a professional but accessible brand. Next to that we want to use warm colours and clean typography, design and communication. This needs to become a clear and accessible brand.

Associations NLP Institute

Active Logo Typography.

To give the brand an active, modern and reliable appearance we gave the logo text a clean design. We have done this by applying some of the following to the text:

  • Bold letters to shape a strong brand.
  • Roundness and smaller letters to make the brand softer and more accessible.
  • Upwards pointing angles to charge the logo with positivity.
  • “Het” is smaller to stand strong as NLP Instituut.



The NLP Institute has multiple trainings & educations which vary from NLP basis till NLP advanced. Next to that they provide free courses.

Symbol for Results.

We wanted to give the brand a symbol next to the text logo. With this we kept in mind that the brand needed to focus more on the results then NLP. We have combined the two instead.

In this case we created a symbol that displays the path a student follows. Through coaching in the choices that need to be made the student can find the path to success in their own life. The symbol also displays the coaching by trainers and the choices that are made through different colour and sizes circles. The path the student goes through is illustrated in a playful way like a bouncing ball would bounce on the ground. A symbol that shows a result focussed road.

Education Logos.

At The NLP Institute there are different levels of educations and trainings. To give each of them their own feeling we created separate logos. For these we designed a symbol that displays their level.

In the education NLP Practitioner students learn to make their first steps in NLP and, under guidance, work to a result. In the education NLP Master Practitioner students learn to independently navigate multiple ways through NLP.

NLP Practitioner

This symbol shows a path that by choices leads through a good result, just like the main logo.

NLP Master Practitioner

This symbol shows that through choices different ways can be navigated at the same time. Showing energy from yourself and the choices that can be made from this point.

Professional Branding.

Make sure your brand looks good and fits your brand values and target group. Make a great head start.

Fitting Icons.

Next to logos we have selected an icon set which fitst with the branding. These icons can be used in communications, in future applications and on websites.

Next to the icon set we have made 4 custom icons. These fit with the branding and are made for selected subjects on the website. Per subject we have visualised their content.

Active Colours & Typography.

Branding also includes typography and colour. To make a brand appear active, young and show authority we have combined active colours and a serif font family. The colours orange and red show warmth, passion, activity and energy, while the colours blue and green show balans, intelligence and calm.

This combined with a serif title and intro font and a modern body font type make sure the text looks modern and energetic, but shows authority and intelligence.

Consistent Graphical Element.

To make sure the branding can be used in a consistent way in different media, platforms and publications, we have developed a graphical element. This element can be used in corners, sides or as a whole. By the use of this element the same brand style and appearance can be easily added to any publication or digital product.

The element consists of different colour circles overlapping each other. It looks familiar to a chemical microscopic element, which comes from the idea of a chemical reaction in the brain. 

Guy having a good time

Professional Branding.

Make sure your brand looks good and fits your brand values and target group. Make a great head start.

Educational Book & Brochure.

As part of the branding we have designed a brochure and the educational book they use. We have used the typography, colours, logos and elements created in this branding.

Below a few images are displayed of the book we designed. We have designed the basis style that is used to fill all pages with content of the book. A good test for the branding itself. 

Team looking at one screen

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