Kitchen Recipe App.

A cruise ship often has more than 900 guests onboard. Each of these guests wants to try the many restaurants on the ship. A duty for the chefs and their team to prepare all the dishes and keep track of their recipes and guest allergies and wishes.

Together with “The Best Cruise Line” we worked on an app to make all recipes more accessible.


The Best Cruise Line


2017 – 2018


App Design

A World-class Client.

The client is not the biggest player in the ocean cruise market, and is a relatively small player, but has grown to 6 ocean cruise ships within the past 3 years. Due to the comfort, great service and eye for detail they were awarded the title of best ocean cruise line for the past 3 years.

Next to that the client, with more than 50 ships, a recognised name in the river cruise market. Here they also have been awarded a respectable list of prizes and titles because of their comfort, great service and eye for detail.

These ships sail across the globe and offer thousands of visitors a comfortable and great cruise experience every day. A world-class client.



With more than 10 restaurants & food choices onboard there are hundreds of dishes available for the guests. These can be adapted to the guests wishes and allergies.

A For Guests Invisible Project.

During a cruise you, as a guest, don't want to worry about quality of the bood and if your allergies are being considered. Instead of that you want to try new dishes and local cultural food. All these dishes are being made in the kitchens of the ship. Chefs and kitchen staff work hard to prepare the dishes exactly right. 

The preparation is done by using recipes that are perfected over the years. Until recently these recipes were printed on paper and stored in big folders. When a dish was being prepared staff received the recipe page so they could start preparing. A disadvantage of this method is that the pages were lost, became dirty and folders became hard to navigate.

We were asked to create an app that kitchen staff could use to find recipes and prepare the whole dish. This app first was launched for iPads and later on was adapted to iPod Touch aswel to allow smaller and bigger screen sizes. The guests won’t see a big difference with the before situation, but kitchen staff can do their work faster and more efficient.













All Recipes in 1 Central Place.

To make 1 central place the recipes of all restaurants were combined. This made it possible to only use 1 app to prepare any recipe. This makes the work process more accessible and easier for kitchen staff, and makes the recipes easier to maintain. We made sure the app is easy to navigate.

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Per ocean cruise there are more than 900 guests onboard. Generally the guests are seniors who would like to see the world up close, with or without a smartphone.

Easy to Navigate & Safely Stored.

An important part is the usage for kitchen staff. It needed to be more easy and efficient than the folders with paper recipe pages. To do this we have chosen to allow staff to login through their employee codes and immediately show the recipes. From there they can search for the recipes and dishes they are looking for.

Once a recipe is found picture, description, allergy information and steps are available to prepare the dish. Through a list of ingredients it is clear to see how much is needed and which proportions are right. 

Next to that recipes need to be stores safely so they can’t be stolen or shared. That is why all devices are only available in the kitchen itself and kitchen staff needs to login with their employee codes to be able to use the app.

Pouring wine at fancy table
Beef rack

Filters, Categories & Favorites.

Through the search and filter function it is easy to specify a search profile. That makes it easy to to find the recipe you’re looking for. Kitchen staff are able to filter based on the restaurant, ingredients, cruise and name. Next to that recipes can be marked as favourites which allows often used recipes to be found even faster.

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