Cruise TV Experience.

During your stay onboard of a cruise ship there is a lot to do. There are many restaurants, there are entertainment possibilities and you can book excursions and other activities. But there is also a TV at your stateroom.

Together with “The Best Cruise Line” we worked on a new user interface for the Smart TV’s.


The Best Cruise Line




TV App Design

A World-class Client.

The client is not the biggest player in the ocean cruise market, and is a relatively small player, but has grown to 6 ocean cruise ships within the past 3 years. Due to the comfort, great service and eye for detail they were awarded the title of best ocean cruise line for the past 3 years.

Next to that the client, with more than 50 ships, a recognised name in the river cruise market. Here they also have been awarded a respectable list of prizes and titles because of their comfort, great service and eye for detail.

These ships sail across the globe and offer thousands of visitors a comfortable and great cruise experience every day. A world-class client.



With more than 900 guests onboard in more than 400 staterooms, the 6 ocean cruise ships are not full but offer a comfortable environment for the guests.

A Challenging Project.

When you're in your stateroom catching a breath from all excursions, dinners, entertainment and activities you would like to do everything from the comfort of your bed. To make this as easy as possible, and allow the guest to relaxe as fast as possible, the Smart TV's were equipped with special software to make this possible.

When we started the project the app already offered many features, but the user interface didn’t fit the new app and modern style. Next to that there were many new features being planned. For us the job to give the app a new interface design, new features and fit it into the style of the Design System we created to keep it clear, accessible and easy to maintain.

Next to that the design system needed to be used for mobile apps, tablet apps & smart TV’s. Nearly all screens used by guests onboard. A challenging project.













Everything From your Warm Bed.

The client is known for comfort, service and luxury. We have brought this back in the design. We have chosen to use a darker background and only show the information that is necessary. This gives the content more contrast with the rest of the screen, which makes it more visible and gives it a more luxury appearance.

The contrast between the darker background and images, text & elements makes the content more visible. Images also look lighter and more colourful.

Next to that we have given information blocks a light background and dark text. Because of this difference with the rest of the layout the focus is attracted towards the important information on the screen. The white border around the selected item shows where the cursor is currently located.

Remote pointed at tv



Per ocean cruise there are more than 900 guests onboard. Generally the guests are seniors who would like to see the world up close, with or without a smartphone.

An Easy All-in-1 System.

To make it as easy as possible for the guest to navigate the system we have made it possible to navigate the menu without clicking. Only until the guest has found what he/she is looking for they have to click. Before that the arrow keys on the remote allow you to navigate from screen to screen.

The system has different sub pages. Guests can watch movies & series, watch TV, book excursions, read the news, listen to music and much more. All of this is combined through the same navigational system and works with blocks and images. Only when a selection is made a pop-up screen displays where the guest can look further.

Watch Series & Movies Whenever you Want.

One of the new possibilities is to stop and continue watching a serie or movie whenever you want. The system remembers which movies or series you were watching and where you stopped. Next to that they are conveniently categorised so it’s easier to navigate the high demand.

Tablet with movies on it

Music to Relax.

Next to series and movies you can also play music. To make it easy to see which music is playing and to navigate through the playlists the player with album covers is displayed over the entire TV screen.

The current number is always displayed at the front of the row and on the right side you can easily see which song is next. By using the arrow keys on the remote you can scroll through the playlist and select a different song.

Dinner Reservations from the Bed.

To offer guests the ability to reserve a table from their stateroom or to browse through the restaurant menus, we've added the booking and reservation process to the Smart TV as well. 

Guests are able to look what is on the menu for a restaurant from their tv. By using images and categories we’ve made it more accessible to do this. It also allows the menu to be customised to the feeling of the restaurant.

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