A Comfortable Cruise Experience.

When you travel around the world on a cruise on thing you can do without, is stress. You have to relax and enjoy the beautiful journey and experiences that you encounter.

Together with “The Best Cruise line” we worked on an app the helps guests onboard relax and find everything they need. 


The Best Cruise Line


2018 – 2019


App Design

A World-class Client.

The client is not the biggest player in the ocean cruise market, and is a relatively small player, but has grown to 6 ocean cruise ships within the past 3 years. Due to the comfort, great service and eye for detail they were awarded the title of best ocean cruise line for the past 3 years.

Next to that the client, with more than 50 ships, a recognised name in the river cruise market. Here they also have been awarded a respectable list of prizes and titles because of their comfort, great service and eye for detail.

These ships sail across the globe and offer thousands of visitors a comfortable and great cruise experience every day. A world-class client.



With 6 ocean cruise ships, more than 50 river cruise ships and thousands of guests per day, this multinational is a world-class client.

A Challenging Project.

When you're traveling the world on a cruise one thing that you can do without, is stress. You have to relax and enjoy the beautiful journey and experiences that you encounter. To make this as easy as possible, and help guests as fast and well as possible, an app has been launched that answers many requests and provides many possibilities.

When we started the project the app already offered a lot of features. However, the user interface was outdated and there were new features planned. For us the task to design a new interface for the app, add new features and combine everything in a Design System so it is structures, clear and easier to maintain and communicate with developers.

Next to that this design system needed to be used for mobile apps, tablet apps & smart TV’s. That includes almost all screens onboard the ship that guests can interact with. A challenging project.

App Functionalities













Comfort, Service, Luxury & Contrast.

The client is known for comfort, service and luxury. We have brought this back in the design. We have chosen to use a darker background and only show the information that is necessary. This gives the content more contrast with the rest of the screen, which makes it more visible and gives it a more luxury appearance.

The contrast between the darker background and images, text & elements makes the content more visible. Images also look lighter and more colourful.

Next to that we have given information blocks a light background and dark text. Because of this difference with the rest of the layout the focus is attracted towards the important information on the screen.

App Homepage and Entertainment page
Girls laughing on cafe terras



Per ocean cruise there are more than 900 guests onboard. Generally the guests are seniors who would like to see the world up close, with or without a smartphone.

Activities, Food, Excursions & Relaxing.

The make the best of a cruise you want to experience everything. Eat good traditional and cultural dishes, local or active excursions and entertainment help you with that. These possibilities needed to be easy to book and manage.

We have added a booking process which allows excursions, Spa treatments and activities to easily be booked. It also allows guests to reserve a table at one of the restaurants. To do this clear touch friendly forms are used. Then all your activities, reservations and bookings can be easily managed in your personal calendar. It makes your cruise more easy to plan.

App Dining and Dinner menu

Find, Book, Enjoy.

To make sure guests can easily and quickly book activities and reserve tables a booking process has been created. A guest goes through a process that allows them to go from idea to booking in 3 to 5 steps, without leaving the app.

Fancy dinner table
App Videos, shore excursions and Booking process

Never Lost Again or in the Rain.

Next to offering activities, entertainment and restaurants, information is also important. That is why we made it easy to find the information they need. For example, it is very easy to find the weather for the day or the coming 5 days.

We have also made a map of the ship decks available. Due to this guests are able to explore the ship from their smartphone by using the touch gestures that are known to smartphone users. Guests are able to at each deck zoom in to study the map more thorough.

Deck Plans and Weather

An App Design System.

To make sure our client is able to easily manage and maintain the app and expand and scale in the case of new features, we have created a Design System. By creating a UI Kit in a Sketch Library and document the different screens and elements, we made this possible.

This design system allowed us to watch out for inconsistencies, keep the process structured and use elements that are approved. Next to that it allowed us to make handoff from designer to developer easier. By using Zeplin we are able to export our Sketch views and show colours codes, element codes and code structures with the developers directly. They were also able to give immediate feedback to the possibilities of different designs.

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